Security Services

Managed IT security services are becoming more valuable to help protect your assets and ensure you meet the requirements of your particular industry. Our IT security service is defined by industry best practices and is based on the latest technology available. As part of our managed IT security services offering, our knowledgeable and certified engineering team can work independently, or alongside your own IT team, providing you with an impartial and valuable external view of your IT security.

We offer a wide range of IT security services, such as:

  • Managed web security
  • Managed firewall
  • Email security
  • VPN testing
  • Penetration testing

Our services create a powerful barrier that is designed to protect your network, your colleagues, and your business. Working closely with you, we can create defined business objectives and a strategy that informs the level and type of security that you need giving your specific circumstances. You can enjoy our managed security services as a single service, or integrate them with our other complementary service offerings for a more complete solution.

Benefits of our Managed IT Security Service:

  • Knowing that you have active IT security in place gives you added peace of mind while helping to mitigate the risk of security threats.
  • You reduce the amount of time and resources needed to effectively manage your IT security in the house.
  • Your potential liability is reduced if you have effective IT security in place to prevent access to your valuable data.
  • Our IT Security services help you maintain your compliance with industry and government regulations.
  • Having effective IT security in place helps ensure your business continuity while at the same time protecting your company assets and brand reputation.