Migration Services

Cloud computing presents you with a substantial opportunity to reduce your costs and improve your services. Building on our cloud audit and cloud strategy services, our cloud migration service provides you with full planning, support, and technical implementation to help you migrate to a cloud computing model. Our experienced project management and engineering team will ensure that your legacy systems are efficiently and effectively migrated to a cloud computing environment.

Our Cloud Migration process works as follows:

Our experienced and fully accredited migration team reviews your cloud audit and cloud strategy documentation with you. Based on that documentation and our discussions, we then develop and introduce a migration project plan that outlines all of the key milestones and time-frames to help ensure a smooth and safe migration to your new cloud environment.

We manage all of the technical, service, and commercial aspects of migrating your legacy systems to the cloud, ensuring that all of your data and software is safely migrated and integrated with your new cloud infrastructure. We then fully test and validate the setup, including our comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plans, to validate that the migration has been successful. Once you are satisfied, we will then change your local setup to connect to your new cloud infrastructure and make sure that it is operational before terminating your legacy set up as per our agreed project plan.

Benefits of our Cloud Migration Service:

  • Our migration plan helps map your services to realistic deliverables.
  • You get access to our experienced team who has successfully migrated organizations into the cloud infrastructure.
  • It allows you to migrate faster, mitigate risks, and streamline your cloud on-boarding.